Well, obviously i want to chat…..!!

I like to spend  break times at work listening to Podcasts on my iPod.

I used to just go for a break, have a drink and maybe something to eat and then return to work. During this time i wouldn’t find much in the way of conversation as there were few people also on a break. This led to me filling this time with a podcast or the like.

On several occasions recently however everytime i put in the earphones it seems people want to have a chat!

So fed up with this, one day i decided to put away the earphones and go back to having a bit of chit-chat whilst on a break. I go to lunch with no earphones in…but no-one seemed was in a talkative mood!

Later the same day i go for my teabreak and it happened again…nobody wanting a chat ! Curious i thought, but i would continue.

The following day i repeated the same actions, and i got the same outcome apart from a hello and a nod from a few people. So i decide to put in the earphones the next day as i had a podcast i wanted to finish before the weekend.

So it’s Friday, and i’m off to lunch with iPod in my pocket. I sit down and switch on the podcast and i swear not 3 mins into it someone starts to ask me something! Now we are having a full-on conversation which lasts the whole 30 mins before i return to work!

Typical i think to myself, but i get a 15 mins break later to get in the last part of the podcast i’m trying to finish. Not so it seems, as again i sit down and switch it on, only for someone to start having a chat with me !!

Now i will admit this did make me somewhat annoyed. I decided to not bring the device to work with me on the Monday as i wasn’t getting the chance to listen to it anyway!

Well what do you think happened? That’s right…all the chatty people seemingly had vanished! Marvelous!

Now i thought i’d test this strange phenominon, and the next day put in the earphones. Oh look, everyone and his mother wants to talk again!!

It does seem that someone sitting quietly, on their own, with earphones in is taken as a invitation to pull up a chair and talk with me!



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